Frequently asked questions

To search for a particular institute, just enter the name of the institute in the search box of the home page of Edusha. As you start typing, you'll see college list in drop-down, you can click and see the detail. Same thing you do from college section.

Edusha is a website that helps students find the right education for their dream careers. It achieves this with a two-sided platform that connect universities and students, bringing them choice, advice, and convenience. It is the largest education database of Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching institutes and Scholarships.

Edusha provides a one-stop, comprehensive platform and source of information on educational opportunities in India. Students and parents can now search and inquire for colleges, universities, schools, coaching institutes, exams, scholarships and apply directly to the colleges while never missing a deadline. From browsing information to college application, all of our services are 100% free.

To know more about educational opportunities, hit the "Follow" and "Like" buttons on our official social media pages at Edusha.


Deciding what to do after high school is a difficult decision to make. To make decision making easier for you, we have created an account for you so you get college/university matches and alerts from schools, colleges, universities and scholarships you are interested in, based on your interests and qualifications.


As key decision makers for their children's education, parents play a key role in this big leap. This is why we have created an account for parents so they can hunt for the school and course that's just right for you and help you monitor those acceptances. 


You don't need to spend a cent in creating an account. Registration is absolutely free!

No payment is required to search, it is completely free! All you need to do is to register to gain full access of the website.